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Prince Albert and the eponymous leather dog lead.

Prince Albert and the eponymous leather dog lead.

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coberg and Gotha; what a top bloke.

Beloved and cherished husband of Queen Victoria, and the father of her nine children (climate change and birth control were yet to be invented), good old Albert certainly made his mark on the British Royal Family, and Great Britain on the whole.

Renowned as the great reformer and innovator, with eyebrow-raising progressive and liberal views for the time, Albert spent the 21 years he was
Prince Consort injecting not only the next generation of Princes and Princesses into the British Monarchy, but also fresh new ideas and thinking into what were creaking and antiquated British institutions.

Happy families.

Reforms in university education, welfare and slavery were just a few of his initiatives, but perhaps he is most famous for the mother of all trade fairs, The Great Exhibition of 1851.

Having recently exhibited at the Business Design Centre in London ourselves, which was modelled on the design for Albert's Crystal Palace, we can only imagine how awe-struck the Victorians would have been at the sight of this sparkling glass and iron construction.

Albert must've been the absolute toast of the town.
So, can you now see why we decided to name our most handsome, trustworthy, faithful and steadfast bridle leather dog lead after such a great man?

As a brand making beautiful dog products, it goes without saying that the leads we design and manufacture need to be the very best versions of themselves. Leads are, after all, a staple addition to every dog's wardrobe, not just for practical reasons, but to look really special too.

So how could we make a lead that was different to what everyone else was doing, but also fit for purpose?

Come on in, the Albert, take a seat.

Designed exclusively by ourselves, the leather we use is the best in the world - English bridle leather - which, as its name infers, is also used to make equestrian products.

Our leather comes from family-run, J&FJ Baker in Devon, believed to be the only oak bark tannery still in existence in the UK.

Here is a lovely video from their website all about the process the leather goes through which we then use to create our stunning collars, leads and belts.

Bridle leather is pretty amazing, and the cream of the crop of leather in this country. 
It has an exceptional quality to it whereby over time and with use, like a trusted pair of boots, or your favourite bag, it becomes more malleable and soft to the touch, so it provides the perfect combination of style, with the added benefit of knowing you are literally in safe hands.

We also insist on solid English brass trigger hooks, because who wants to be fiddling around with sub-standard fastenings that rust over time, when all you want to do is clip the lead to your collar with absolute ease as you're rushing out the door with your dog to meet your friends?

We believe the best brassware comes from Abbey England. They are another Great British family-run firm who have their own foundry and make everything from scratch.

Their brass products are second-to-none, which is why we wouldn't go anywhere else.
Our unique components for the Albert lead are then sent to our leather maker - a highly skilled artisan working out of his studio in Worcestershire.

We have each one hand-cut, with the bridle leather expertly twisted to create its unique design. They are then individually hand sewn and meticulously hand finished, with quality control being of paramount importance.

No two products are the same, so when you buy an Albert twisted lead not only will you be delighted with your purchase, but you can also guarantee that nothing else like it exists. 

A classically sophisticated lead that looks every bit the aristocratic gentleman, wouldn't you agree?

Why not pair your Albert twisted lead with one of our beautiful collars to finish the look. Whether you choose luxurious London Tan or the sumptuous rich Nut, they are all designed to match each other perfectly.

To order your Albert twisted lead, please click here.
To check out our complete range of leatherwear, please click here.

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