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Our 8-point sustainability manifesto for a happy planet.

Our 8-point sustainability manifesto for a happy planet.

It's been a busy week for all things climate change, sustainability, ethics and slow fashion awareness.

All week Fashion Revolution have been asking us #whomademyclothes.

I for one am guilty of making fashion purchases without having any idea where they were made, and by whom.

I tend to buy a lot of vintage clothing, secondhand clothing and stuff from charity shops, so I know (perhaps unwittingly) that I'm not the worst offender, but since launching Bone Idol back in September I'm definitely becoming more and more conscious of making the right choices about quality over quantity.

If you're in the Seven Dials area of London (my favourite) please make a trip to Pop Up 38 on one of the most beautiful roads in Covent Garden - Earlham Street.

This is a brilliant charity boutique that generates most of the funds for Lapis Lazuli Schools in Kabul, Afghanistan for children in Primary to Year 11. The school has 620 girls and boys aged 5 - 18 and is primarily attracting children from the minority Hazara group that have suffered many atrocities in recent years.

The pre-owned Steve Alan trouser suit and Self Portrait Azaelea dress that I bought for a fraction of their original price not only look great on, but they make me feel like a slightly better version of myself by association. Surely not a bad thing.

Did you celebrate Earth Day on Monday? Or was it just a stark reminder of how us human beings have the potential to perform the best and very worst of actions towards each other and to the planet we live on...? I think the most thought-provoking piece I saw was from Gisele Bundchen. She said,

“Any living thing that loses one-third of its skin suffers a high fever and is at great risk of dying. This is what is happening to the earth: it has lost one-third of its skin—the trees, the soil, and all the biodiversity surrounding it. Yet instead of helping to regenerate and replenish what has been stripped away, we keep on pillaging and ravaging her.
If someone is sick, you don’t keep doing things that make them sicker, you help them heal! Many people take the soil, the food, the water, the air, and all the gifts that the Earth provides us for granted. Many more believe we are entitled to just take and take from it without a thought of nourishing it back. We’re not! 
The Earth has been giving us clear signs that we must change our ways. There needs to be balance between how much we need for our survival and how much we need to give back. If we want to thrive, it’s time we take responsibility, change our ways, and start honouring this planet that sustains all our lives. This is our only home."

There's an ever-growing tsunami of information on climate change, from the likes of the most brilliant person on this planet, Sir David Attenborough, and the enigmatic 16-year old Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, who addressed members of Parliament on Tuesday as though she was speaking to a classroom full of idiots (no comment).

It's no longer a question of 'if' climate change will alter human civilisation beyond recognition; it's now 'when'...and that date seems to be lurking dangerously too close...unless we ACT NOW.

The Fashion Industry remains one of the planet's worst offenders even though it is heavily under the microscope.

Fashion Revolution's annual transparency index for the past year shows that most fashion companies are still failing badly, and we know that some are more heavily invested in the Fast Fashion movement than most.

So, as a fashion company ourselves, here at Bone Idol Originals we wanted to lay down our sustainable fashion manifesto, just so you know...

🌱We have our products made in the UK by small manufacturers. ⁣

🌱We follow the Slow Fashion ethos of making high quality products that last a long time and don't go out of fashion.⁣

🌱We choose our raw materials to be kind to the planet - like real sheepskin not faux, real wool not acrylics; keeping plastics and harsh chemicals at bay wherever possible.⁣⁣

🌱The leather we use for our dog collars and dog leads is from J&FJ Baker & Co Ltd. the last oak bark tannery in the UK, and is tanned naturally and sustainably by the bark over a 12-month period.

🌱Our Herdwick belt bag is made from 100% organic sheepskin at Organic Sheepskins, the only registered organic tannery in the UK, which means absolutely no harsh chemicals seeping into the waterways.⁣

🌱If you ask us #whomademyclothes we can tell you exactly, as we know the names of everyone who makes our luxury dog products, and have built up relationships with each of them so we feel like one big team.⁣

That includes Rashid from Forma Leather in Shoreditch who is the master tailor of our luxury dog coats.

Pictured are The Burlington Shearling Dog Coat, The Richmond Shearling Dog Coat, The Clarence Wax Dog Coat, The Osborn Shearling Dog Jacket, The Myrtle and The Stonybreck Cashmere Dog Jumpers.

Julio at Stoll GB who knits up our designer dog jumpers.

Tim Hardy at The Worcestershire Leather Co. who hand-stitches our leather dog collars and leads from English bridle leather.

Pictured The St. James Ladybird Studded Dog Collar and The Osborn Shearling Dog Jacket.

Mike and his team at Jewellery Casting Scotland who take our exclusive designs and hand cast our dog charms.

Pictured The Sycamore, The Hercules and The Ashridge dog collar charms, and our bespoke buttons.

And Daniel (with Flo Rider the famous cat) at The London Cloth Company, weavers of our bespoke tartan cloth.

🌱The lead times on our products are long so our makers don't have to work silly hours.⁣

🌱We pay a lot to make sure our craftspeople receive a fair wage, so they take pride in their work and are happy making our products.⁣

We know we've got a long way to go and that we are far from perfect, but we are striving to be better, to make positive changes where we can, and are constantly evolving to be part of the solution.

At the end of the day we say, make your footprints in the sand, in the mud, across the wet grass, and try your very hardest to leave this planet in a much better place than how you found it.

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